Are all Vinyl products made using the same materials?

"That's a good question, and no not all vinyl is created equal there are may different types of extrusions such as Refurbished PVC, Monoextruded PVC, Double Extruded PVC( used by IRS), and Cellular PVC(used by IRS). Refurbished and monoextruded are a weaker product consisting of many impurities and can become brittle and fad into a yellowish gray color over the years. Double Extruded and Cellular PVC is extruded from a 100 percent virgin vinyl which insures no impurities and no voids in the product. That is why Integrity Railing System only uses Double Extruder and Cellular PVC in our products."

Are the railing kits easy to install? Can I do it myself?

"Yes, to both questions Integrity Railing Systems kits are incredible easy to install. One kit provides all the hardware needed to mount and hang your railing. Included in each kit is a set of printed instructions to help with any questions you may have and give you a step by step guide. The railing kits can be cut to the size you require for easy size customization. Hear is a link to our instruction pages for your convenience: "

What colors are your Vinyl Rail available in?

"Our railing systems are offered in a few different color options that vary per product line. The T-Rail System is offered in three colors White, Adobe, and Tan. Adobe is a darker color more of a darker brown or kaki where as tan is a more subtle lighter brown. Our nexus system is only offered in white at this time."

Can I customize my order to better fit my specific needs?

"Yes, you customize your order to fit your needs or special order a different style of railing. All you have to do is contact our office at (856)765-7841 and a sales associated will be more than happy to help you create the railing order specifically for your project."