Who and What are covered by this Warranty Integrity Railing Systems warrants to the original purchaser/homeowner that its vinyl railing products will be free from manufacturing defects-including peeling, flaking, blistering, rotting and corroding- when subject to normal and proper use. This warranty is for the lifetime of the original purchaser for as long as original purchaser retains ownership of the property where the railing was originally installed, for all vinyl railing products. This warranty is non-transferrable. Should any defect occur during the warranty period, Integrity Railing Systems will replace the defective railing products. In lieu of replacement, Integrity Railing Systems also reserves the right to refund the amount paid by the original owner for the Integrity Railing Systems railing products and such refund shall fully discharge all obligations and liabilities of Integrity Railing Systems under this warranty. In no event shall Integrity Railing Systems be liable or responsible for labor charges or other expenses arising from or pertaining to the removal or installation of either the original or replacement product. Should Integrity Railing Systems replace a defective product under the terms of this warranty, the original warranty shall apply to the replaced railing product, and will extend for the balance of the warranty period in effect at the time the material proved defective. This warranty automatically terminates upon the sale of the property or death of the last of the individuals that owned the property at the time of installation. The lifetime coverage offered by this warranty for Integrity Railing Systems is applicable only to single family residences. In the case of railing products that are installed upon any other type of building or premises, the warranty period will be 20 years following the installation of the railing. This excludes gates, hardware and wood top products. Some normal fading may occur, but this is slight. Yellowing is not fading and is covered under this warranty. Warranty Limitations This warranty does not apply to or provide protection against any failure defect or damage resulting from events or conditions that are beyond normal exposure or customary usage, including, but not limited to misuses, abuse, neglect or improper handling or storage, improper installation: Use of accessories or other products which do not properly receive and/or secure Integrity Railing Systems railing products; impact of foreign objects, fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, hail, hurricane, tornado or other casualty or act of God; movements, distortion, collapse or settling of the ground or structure on which the railing product is installed; improper handling, storage and delivery; improper installation; heat sources placed too close to the vinyl; damage by horses or other large animals that may impact a railing in which they are enclosed; discoloration or other damage caused by air pollution ( including but not limited to metal oxides or metallic particles), mildew, exposure to harmful chemicals or normal weathering from the elements; or any other cause not involving manufacturing defects in the material supplied by Integrity Railing Systems. Normal weathering is defined as exposure to sunlight and extremes of weather and atmosphere, which will cause any colored surface to gradually fade, chalk or accumulate dirt or stains. The severity of any condition depends on the geographic location of the railing products, the cleanliness of the air in the area, and many other influences over which Integrity Railing Systems has no control. Integrity Railing Systems shall have sole discretion to determine, based on reasonable criteria, whether the railing products are suffering from normal weathering. This warranty does not apply to any railing product which has been painted, varnished or on which any other substance has been applied over the manufacturer’s original finish. This also applies to any alterations. The homeowner/purchaser acknowledges and agrees that Integrity Railing Systems may, without notice to the homeowner/purchaser discontinue or modify any of its products, including, without limitations, the style, color or size. Integrity Railing Systems shall not be liable in the event replacement material varies from the original product as some normal weathering may have occurred to the original product. If Integrity Railing Systems replaces any material under this warranty, it may substitute products designated by Integrity Railing Systems, to be of comparable quality or price range in the event the product initially installed has been discontinued or modified. Other Conditions THIS WARRANTY REPLACES ALL OTHER ORAL OR WRITTEN WARRANTIES, LIABILITIES OR OBLIGATIONS OF INTEGRITY RAILNG SYSTEMS, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. THE WARRANTY STATEMENTS CONTAINED IN THIS LIMITED WARRANTY SET FORTH THE ONLY EXPRESS WARRANTIES EXTENDED BY INTEGRITY RAILING SYSTEMS FOR ITS VINYL PRODUCTS, AND PROVISIONS OF THIS WARRANTY SHALL CONSTITUTE THE ENTIRE LIABILITY OF INTEGRITY RAILING SYSTEMS, AND NO STATEMENT, REMARK, AGREEMENT, REPRSENTATION, PROMISE OR UNDERSTANDING, ORAL OR WRITTEN, MADE BY INTEGRITY RAILING SYSTEMS, OR ANY AGENT THEREOF WHICH IS NOT CONTAINED OR AUTHORIZED HEREIN, WILL BE RECOGNIZED BY INTEGRITY RAILING SYSTEMS. THIS WARRANTY GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS AND YOU MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER RIGHTS WHICH FROM STATE TO STATE. Integrity railing Systems does not recommend or approve this product for all possible end user applications. Your local Code Authority should be consulted regarding its safety and applicability for intended usage. What the customer must do to make a warranty claim The homeowner/purchaser must promptly notify Integrity Railing Systems in writing of any manufacturing defect and provide proof of purchase and installation, photographs, as well as proof of property ownership. All notifications should be sent to: Integrity Railing Systems, 328 S. 2nd Street, BLDG 76, Millville, NJ 08332, Attn: Warranty Claims. The consumer may be required to provide a sample of the defective material to Integrity Railing Systems for analysis. Integrity Railing Systems will then investigate the claim and examine the material claimed to be defective. If a defect covered by the warranty is confirmed, Integrity Railing Systems, within a reasonable amount of time; replace the defective product or refund the amount paid by the original owner of the railing.